Ramacivil India Construction

Technical Know-how

Planning and Control

An integrated program chart for the execution of work showing clearly all activities from the start of work to completion, with details of manpower, equipment and machinery required for fulfillment of the EPC Contract is prepared before start of work on M.S Projects software containing

  • Descriptive note explaining sequence of various activities.
  • Network diagram (PERT/CPM/Bar Chart) indicating resource planning in financial terms, manpower& specialized equipment for every important stage.
  • Program for procurement of materials and T&P having adequate capacity, commensurate with quantum of work to be done with in the target period.
  • Monthly updating/modifying the program, so as to bridge the gap between the situation of where we are and where we want to be by timely corrective measures.

Material Control

Material confirming only to CPWD/MORTH specification/BIS is procured by us at site. All the vendors are well conversant with the specification. Availability of sufficient testing equipment and technical staff to ensure the material testing & procurement before its final use. full-fledged materials testing laboratory at site to maintain proper quality of the materials etc.

Plant and Machinery

Sufficient machinery directly owned to reduce dependency on outside third party vendors including batching plant, TM’s & 8 concrete pumps, \Stationery Tower crane of 55 mtr boom, various Mobile tower cranes, excavators, JCBs, and ample possession of shuttering and scaffolding material.

Specialized Association

Have collaborated with specialized vendors dealing in water-proofing, sanitary & water supply, aluminum work, Electrical, Firefighting & Fire Alarm, HVAC for high quality execution of work Have association with experienced architect, structural engineers to provide comprehensive services.

Quality Control & Methodologies

The execution of work is per CPWD specification and BIS. Procedures in place to strictly adhere to these specifications.